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Running Cities Like a Business

Friday, April 30th, 2010

us-ny-nyc-central-park-59th-street-trees-sunshine-1-ajhdA recent article on Environmental Leader, “Sustainability Planning Lessons from New York and Mayor Bloomberg,” discusses New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s approach to increasing sustainability practices in New York through the program PlaNYC.

PlaNYC was launched 3 years ago on Earth Day as a plan to deal with the challenges of the growth of the city over the next 25 years.  It sought to find a solution to the difficult problem of creating housing for the projected one million more inhabitants, and worked to make housing more affordable throughout the city.  Environmentally, the plan set the goal of having the cleanest air of any major city, and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.  It also focused on finding ways to improve the aging infrastructure of the city.

PlaNYC has been successful – in 2009 it was reported that 2/3 of initiatives of the plan were on track to be completed on schedule.  The article credits this success in large part to Mayor Bloomberg’s execution of the plan, which used several key business principles as the basis of the approach.  Read the article to learn more about this project and Mayor Bloomberg’s method of running the city like a business.

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Accountability and Public Spending

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

south-carolina-school-spendingRecently there has been a trend towards increasing accountability and transparency in the government spending of public money.  Citizens are demanding more information from local, state and the national government about how public tax dollars are being spent.

A New American City article documents some of the most recent developments in transparency in government spending, not just throughout the United States, but internationally as well.  From New York City to the Philippines, people are demanding the right to open records and are looking for new methods of keeping an eye on the destination of their tax dollars.

Read the New American City Article

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