Serving Up Better Policies for Food Trucks

posted by Matt Barron

Food trucks aren’t new in Pittsburgh. Trucks have been serving lunches in Oakland for years and a few pioneers like Franktuary and The Goodie Truck have been cruising the streets.

But with a new interest in food trucks surfacing around the country we’re seeing more and more entrepreneurs like the Pgh Taco Truck seeking to enter the Pittsburgh market and bumping up against some strict regulations and confusing permitting processes. Some cities, seeing this trend, have revamped their food truck regulations to make it a little bit easier to operate a mobile business and meet a demand that is clearly there. Chicago’s City Council approved their new food truck ordinance today and several other cities are in the process of revisiting their policies.

Councilman Bill Peduto’s office has been studying Pittsburgh’s current regulations and the regulations of other cities around the country to think about how to create a more welcoming environment for food trucks in Pittsburgh without infringing on the business of brick and mortar restaurants. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment!

For more on Pittsburgh food trucks, check out this nice round-up of the current players on the website of the Pgh Taco Truck.

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