Reform Pittsburgh Now (RPN) was started in 2007 by Pittsburgh City Councilman William Peduto in order to create an organization focused strictly on the issues and the ideas that can build a better city.  RPN is a registered Political Action Committee that does not advocate for candidates but instead works to bring about change in City Hall through policy.  It is not located in Harrisburg or on Grant Street. Its home is online and it invites everyone to be a part of a movement for a new Pittsburgh.

RPN’s main purpose is to restore good government in Pittsburgh.  It is focused on ending “pay-to-play” politics – the machine politics model that remains at the forefront of local decision making.  RPN supporters believe that policy should outweigh politics and that the good of Pittsburgh should come before the benefit of special interests.  Reform Pittsburgh Now is dedicated to establishing a new Progressive Era in Pittsburgh and dismantling the political machine one bolt at a time.